Artel Hair Salon was established in 2014 by Eliza Trediak in Vancouver, BC and she has grown her business to include multiple successful salons in the lower mainland. Eliza hired Moor Design to design her 3rd salon location which functions as the company headquarters where she holds teaching sessions and industry events. Our team assisted Eliza with conceptual development to help make her dream salon a reality, assisted with material & lighting sourcing and created comprehensive construction plans for her contractor, Atura Contracting, to build from. The vision for this space was to create a ‘New York Loft’ meets Westcoast vibe and we achieved this by incorporating unique design elements into the space like large-scale pendant lighting, a custom neon sign, a ‘living wall’ of plants and selected a bright and playful colour palette that has great curb appeal. From concept to the salon opening it’s doors to the public it took 8 short weeks and the project was delivered on time and on budget. Photo Credit: Rob Trendiak Photography