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I had the opportunity to work with Sarah Desaulniers at Moor Design a year ago when I purchased a new condo. I was very excited to have this new space but didn’t know where to start with respect to design, layout and the creation of a welcoming atmosphere.
Sarah has a lot of confidence in what she does. She put me at ease with her patience and worked with me towards defining my own style. This in itself gave me confidence in future design decisions I would make.
Sarah was also very organized and efficient with her time spent on the project. She laid out a plan of action and broke down the elements of her services very clearly.
Today I very much enjoy hosting friends in my newly designed space and I do so with joy & pride. I am very grateful for Moor Design and their assistance in creating a home I can be proud to show off. I highly recommend Sarah’s services. She’s great at what she does.
— Dr. Michael Horowitz, Residential Client
I have been working with Sarah at Moor Design for approximately 6 years and handle the electrical/lighting scope of her work. Her creativity and in-depth knowledge show in her designs. Her professionalism and ability to make ones vision/dreams into reality is amazing. It’s a pleasure working with her. She is very easy going, understanding and patience.
I look forward to continue working and collaborating with her on future projects. I will definitely recommend her to family and friends and for all my projects!
— Bill Sangha, Santec Electric Inc.
I would highly recommend working with Moor Design. My husband and I had a substantial basement renovation to do and we made the decision to work with Sarah from the very beginning planning stages. The process of working with her was very enjoyable and many good design choices came of our meetings together. Sarah is a very good listener and has the ability to integrate our ideas and her own ideas into what she felt would work best for the space. She was always open to our ideas for space and colours and made suggestions that we are very pleased to say... are fantastic in our space. Our newly renovated space is the ground floor of our house and because of Sarah, it is clean and bright and wonderfully functional.
She was also very resourceful for materials needed and helpful with helping us manage and maintain our budget. This was invaluable as she was able to direct us where to spend on quality products. We will be using her services once again when it’s time to build a new kitchen in our downstairs space. I am looking forward to seeing what design she comes up with and I know it will also be a wonderful space.
— Gail Mountain, Residential Client
Working with Sarah at Moor Design made my summer project of opening a new office smooth and Do-able. Sarah was an integral part of keeping the project going... making and changing design plans were done quickly and efficiently (at times with minutes notice).
Thanks for the fresh and new design ideas, keeping it affordable but making it look fabulous. The comments of how wonderful the space looks and feels keep coming in.
— Dr. Janelle Bohemier, Main St. Chiropractic
Our decision to use Moor Design for our major home renovation, proved to be an excellent choice. Sarah and her team not only took our initial vague ideas and shaped them into an innovative plan; she also expertly guided us, step-by-step, through the whole project from conception to design to completion.
With her creativity, aesthetic sensibility and in-depth knowledge of design, she was able to present us with a wide range of inspired ideas and options, and then help us turn them into reality. Her calm, professional manner steered us through some of our more anxious moments throughout the process. She was always readily available for consultation, listened patiently to our ideas and helped us to realize a unique final design. It was a pleasure to work with her and we are absolutely thrilled with the way our renovation turned out.
— Lawrence Feuchtwanger, Residential Client
Working with Sarah at Moor Design to get our new office open was such a great experience and we get compliments about our office design almost every day. Sarah’s passion for design is palpable and her eye for detail was perfect. She thought of things I never would have thought of, which made the design much better than I ever could have imagined. She was also very patient and took the time to explain everything in a way I could understand. I look forward to working with Sarah and her team again!
— Dr. Alain Desaulniers, Revolution Health